Do you guys know any instant recipes?

I don’t. And the most unpleasant truth is there’s no such a thing.


Creativity doesn’t come with a manual either, we all struggle if making money by it because being creative for a big part is being free to do things the way you do them best. But how do you do things your way while attracting and making your customer happy??


Being free means constant growth. That’s how you outgrow your old self, and trust me, what you make is old a minute after with the pace the world is moving today, so buckle up for a ride.


I’m sure many of you been in a situation where a client hires you for what seems to be your vision and approach but then in the process, they make you re-do the thing to the point it no longer looks or feels like yours. It’s easy to say “find your customer”, but how? What do I do?

photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

I sat down to analyze my own experience and put together these four tips based on it:


Work on your style


All the workshops are a cool tool to open the next door in your creative labyrinth, but do not take them as a direct guide on “how to”, because you might end up with the results that are hard to differ from work of other students that took the same workshop, that’s pretty evident, right? Your creativity is an alive thing! Feed it what you’ve learned and then watch it grow or spit in your face (both are equally priceless, even though controversy).


Unless you’re in business purely material driven and don’t put an interest that your work looks exactly like the other two hundred people who took the class, (as long as you get hired), then keep doing what you're doing.


Be Curious


Seriously. Be it photography, ceramics, sewing or painting that you do, set some time aside to keep digging new routes in your process in different ways on your free from orders time. Because it is important to be curious and enjoy what you do. This not only leads to strengthening the skill, but to discoveries within your craft, the ones that will make you stand out.


Be You


Don’t be a crowd pleaser, be unapologetically you in every piece of work you put on display.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain why, but just in case, I’ll remind you: people are attracted to things that are special in some way. And what makes things special is a personality. That’s why the knockoffs can’t pull it off for a long time. And for the same reason, you can’t be good for all!


Be Picky


Do not take on projects that don’t resonate with you.

This is probably the toughest one because bills ain’t gonna pay themselves, I know. But you’ll come to this conclusion sooner or later, maybe dozens of projects later, but you will. Because the more you take on doing the work you don’t love the less time and energy you have for what you love, sometimes zero time and energy. But remember, you do need to display something to attract your ideal customer and if the only thing on show is the thing you don’t want to do ever again.. You got it!


Truly yours,