This blog started a few months after formerly known as Eclectic Lab Designs this project outgrew the box that we built for it in the beginning.


Toile Blanche means White Canvas from French and it has that room to breathe that I started looking for once realized that making surfaces and owning a small biz has been teaching me the stuff any online business can benefit from knowing. Then, few months down the road I realized that using French name in America without even speaking it was not very wise and not very nice, so Toile Blanche turned into White Canvas and that is final (hopefully).

White Canvas is a story. Your story. My story. Her story. A story we make on our own, I strongly believe that. 

I made a choice towards bringing original pieces of work to you through seasonal collections, a choice to create without a pressure of expectations that aided in delivering a very unique product. Making copies is still a fun challenge I admire to take on, but making a stellar original piece is something that brings an utterly satisfying sense of completion. And I want it to be made with that feeling because your creativity and space deserve no less than the tools produced through originality and with the best quality in mind.


Now White Canvas is heading towards not only being an online spot to shop first class surfaces but also a community where a creative mind can find answers to things she deals with many times a day because I deal with them every day too!

I do plan to expand our services (and team, perhaps) eventually in the future, and can't wait to share all the things that are coming next year.


Meanwhile, sit back sign up to become an insider and enjoy getting all the best tips and inspiration into your inbox every week (or every other week). I appreciate your hanging here with me big time!


Truly yours,