by Jessica Lambi


If you’re like me, sometimes it can feel like you are always facing a never-ending to-do list. No matter how many things you cross off, there are still one million things that need to get done. Not only can it be stressful, but it can be pretty discouraging too…  there’s little time for acknowledging the things that you have accomplished on a given day. (So let’s take a moment to acknowledge those small victories. Congrats!)


So how do I manage my day-to-day list so that I am productive, yet also feel accomplished? That is all thanks to a planning system I use that I have mundanely labeled the tiered system. Let’s get into how it works:

First off, I use a planner for all of my tasks. You may use a computer, post-it notes, a whiteboard, or whatever you have at your disposal. This system can work with pretty much anything! Step one, start on a macro scale by looking at monthly goals as a whole. Write down the things that need to get done on any given month in a list. IE: This month I need/ want to schedule a dentist appointment, read a book, buy my sister a birthday present… the list goes on.


Then, I have a list for each week of the month. The week’s list can include my monthly goals, to plan out generally when they will get accomplished, but they also can be more micro: go to Target, mop the floor, visit with neighbors. That way, when a week begins, there’s a more comprehensive and digestible list at my disposal. Essentially you are taking a large, overarching list of tasks and breaking them down into manageable pieces.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Now, here’s the fun part. On a weekly, or daily, basis, depending on if things change mid-week, I take 3-5 tasks from my weekly list and migrate them to a particular day of the week. At this stage, there now are only 3-5 tasks on my to-do list for a day! How great will it be knowing that these are generally accomplishable and how relieved will I feel when I can check off all of the things on my list on a given day?!  


Now, let’s touch on if things don’t get accomplished. Hey, life happens and sometimes even completing three tasks is not in the realm of possibility. I get it! What’s easy about this system is that if  something didn’t get done on a particular day or week, assuming there’s no deadline, simply move it to the next week or day, where it now will live at the top of your list, ready to be done the next time you have the time.


Overall, by giving myself only a few important tasks to do each day, as opposed to always looking at a long list, I am more likely to focus on and accomplish those things in a day! Do you use a similar method for your to-do list? Let us know what works best for you and be sure to follow me on Instagram and on my blog for how I navigate productivity, conscious living and my career as a freelancer!