Okay, maybe you don't care why and I'm in peace with that. And maybe I got too romantic making this video, but I had limited content in supply and made the best of it I could (at least, finished what I started), besides I was little blue when making it, so it's me 100%. Will show you my goofy side in writing, I'm better at it than at talking.


And maybe I should stop saying "I" and erase all of this, and type something like "philosophy behind our brand", but I won't, because I am the brand and this is how I feel I want to write this caption, and this is how I feel this blog should be: transparent.


Because there are plenty of polished blogs and Insta pages out there by looking at which one starts feeling miserable. Because, hey, it is a crazy amount of work and effort put into making and then maintaining a curated page, an Insta world, a brand. I'm overwhelmed myself every day, trust me (okay, maybe not on weekends), and I don't want to be in this alone, so decided to share the burden of being a creative mind behind the brand with you, I hope you'll forgive me.


If you read up to here, then maybe you do care why this blog was started in the first place and I'll tell you this: my primary reason to spend time on this blog is to keep growing as a creative, keep looking for new horizons, recording and sharing my discoveries as I go. Also, I'm that type of mind that loses it if it's not in one place, you know? So having stuff collected here is nice. It is also nice to look back and have a tangible proof of work and progress when I need help to snap out of comparing mode. 


I'm very grateful if you decided to follow along or stop by once in a while, either case hi, you're welcomed in here!